New Entrant workshops

New Entrant workshops

Let’s make the first year count: Teaching successfully at the Year 0 – 1 level 

Online webinar

Date and time: Tuesday 16 April, 2024 9.30 – 2pm

Teaching in the Year 0- 1 area of the school requires a special skill set. If you are teaching in this area of the school or need a “refresher” then this webinar could suit your needs. The webinar will cover the following:

  • What’s essential in the New Entrant classroom?
  • How to build strong relationships with whānau.
  • Is it about the child being ready for school OR you being ready for the child?
  • What systems and routines are important to establish and how to do it?
  • What data should I be gathering at school entry?
  • How do I successfully help children transition from ECE to school?
  • How do I structure the day in a New Entrant classroom?
  • What are the expectations at school entry?
  • Where do play based and structured literacy approaches fit?

Join our junior specialist, Andy Butler for the day. Andy has extensive knowledge and experience at this level. If you can’t join us for the live webinar you can choose to receive a link to watch the recorded webinar at a time that suits you.

Cost: $195 plus GST per teacher

To enrol: Click here to enrol online or contact Jane van der Zeyden 0210376870 for more information or if you have questions.