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Jane has worked in teacher professional development since 2007. During that time she has provided both literacy and ESOL professional development to schools across NZ. She has worked in Schooling Improvement Initiatives, the Accelerating Literacy Learning Project (ALL) and was a Practice Leader at Learning Media while working in the Ministry of Education Literacy and English Language Learning professional development contract

Jane's CV is available for download, click here.



Charlene has worked in professional development since 2012, providing literacy support to schools. She has particular expertise in writing. Charlene previously worked at learning Media in the CPL Ministry contract. Prior to this she worked at a large international school in China where she was trained in the "Readers and Writers workshop" method of teaching literacy. Before leaving NZ to work in China, she was the DP at a large Auckland intermediate school.

Charlene's CV is available for download, click here.




Erin is an experienced teacher and school leader who has taught a range of year levels. Most recently, she has lead a very successful ESOL and learning support department in a large, multicultural school in East Auckland. In 2017, Erin was invited to work alongside the Ministry of Education on a resource to help teachers to understand and complete their ELLP forms accurately. Erin’s strengths lie in engaging struggling learners and students from ESOL backgrounds, with a particular focus on literacy.



Sally’s passion and expertise in the classroom, especially in teaching young writers, is the foundation of the work she now does as a national literacy facilitator. She was invited onto the development team for the National English Exemplars, the National Literacy Project, Schooling Improvement projects and the Ministry of Education’s Intervention Project: “Accelerating Literacy Learning”.

Her expertise as a writer led to her supporting role alongside Gail Loane, in “I’ve Got Something to Say” (Gail Loane with Sally Muir). Sally was the key writer in the development of The Ministry of Education’s “Accelerating Progress in Writing Years 7 & 8”; “Teaching Writing across the Curriculum in Years 4–6: Increasing Progress”; and “Teaching Writing in Years 1–3: Building a Strong Foundation”, available through Literacy Online TKI.

Now working in schools as an Associate of Tools4Teachers, Sally continues to support teachers in developing skills to lead their young writers.

If you have other professional development needs, we have a number of Associates that we can connect you to. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.