Anticipatory Guides

Suitable for Years 1-8
  • $41.00 + POSTAGE

A collection of approximately 60 anticipatory guides to be used with both Ready to Read and School Journal titles from Green level through to Level 4 Journals. Anticipatory guides are an effective task for developing comprehension skills through the discussion and negotiations of meaning that occurs as students look for evidence in the text to confirm their decisions about the statements on the Anticipatory Guide.


Suitable for Years 4-10
  • $44.00 + POSTAGE

A resource that includes content and language learning tasks. It includes texts that have been simplified specifically for English language learners, which build content knowledge about volcanoes along with English language learning. A large range of tasks that can be used in group, paired or individual learning experiences are also included which makes it suitable for a range of year levels. All templates for tasks are included and can be copied for use in classrooms.

Whales and Dolphins

Suitable for Years 3-6
  • $39.00 + POSTAGE

A resource that includes content and language learning outcomes. The twelve tasks in the resource build on the learning in a scaffolded way and lead towards the writing of an information report on whales and dolphins. All templates are supplied and can be copied for use in the classroom.

Orfie the flying fox

  • $28.00 + POSTAGE

This is a set of tasks based on a Level 2 School Journal story. For younger learners the text can be used as a shared reading experience while more proficient or older learners can read the text as a guided reading text and then suitable tasks can be chosen to build comprehension. The ideas for tasks can be adapted for use with a wide range of texts and are designed to build comprehension skills.