Welcome to Tools 4 Teachers

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Welcome to Tools 4 Teachers

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Welcome to Tools 4 Teachers

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If you are thinking about Literacy and/or ESOL professional learning, please get in touch. We’d love to talk with you about what that might look like. We can also support you with making an application for Ministry of Education funded PLD.

a few words about us


We provide Literacy, Oral Language and ESOL Professional Development and resources for schools and teachers.

Tools 4 Teachers is an educational consultancy partnership between Jane van der Zeyden and Charlene Mataio. Our facilitators, Andy Butler, Erin McKechnie, Rita Palmer (Taupo),and  Sally Muir (Waikato area)  also deliver literacy professional development through Tools 4 Teachers. Our core business is literacy professional development for teachers and teacher aides including reading, writing, oral language and ESOL. In 2024, we can support you with using a structured literacy approach including the use of the  Ready to Read Phonics Plus resources as part of an effective literacy programme.

We also develop and sell classroom resources which will support schools to deliver high quality literacy programmes to their students.

We specialise in delivering professional development in oral language and teaching practice that meets the needs of English Language Learners. Andy is also able to support schools in the mathematics learning area on request.

We still have some capacity for new professional development work in 2023. Please contact us if you would like to talk about this jane@tools4teachers.co.nz

Why Choose us?

We focus on developing positive, respectful and culturally inclusive relationships with school leaders, teachers and students as they are crucial to the success of the professional development.
Our professional development will be tailored to your needs. We recognise that every school or kura is different therefore we will be responsive in our approach and practice the concept of ako.
Literacy Specialists
Our team has experience with:
  • ► School leadership
  • ► National Advisory groups
  • ► Highly effective classroom practice
  • ► Published authors in the literacy field
  • ► Research
Accredited Professional Facilitation
Our team are all accredited by the Ministry of Education. Our expertise covers all facets of literacy including:
  • ► Oral Language
  • ► Writing
  • ► Reading
  • 'Cultural Reponsiveness
  • ► Literacy Leadership
  • ► Working with English Language Learners

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Committed to providing schools with the best resources and expertise.





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