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Guided Reading Workshops Years 1 - 4, and Years 5 - 8, Monday 18th March 2019

Do you have staff members who are unsure of how a guided reading lesson should look / sound like in a junior or senior classroom?  Do you have PCTs, or teachers who are new to New Zealand in 2019, and who might need a refresher on how to run an effective guided reading lesson?

Guided reading lessons are at the heart of a successful literacy programme. Students need to learn how to use information to make sense of a range of texts, use processing and comprehension strategies with confidence and think critically about texts to become successful readers (New Zealand Curriculum, 2007). These workshops will look at the core components of a guided reading lesson. They will also include a focus on how to ensure that the framework for Literacy acquisition (Effective Literacy Practice, 2003) is incorporated into planning guided reading lessons, how the learning focus can be embedded through instructional practices and rich tasks to follow guided reading lessons.  New Zealand’s instructional series will be used, along with The Literacy Learning Progressions.

The junior, and senior workshops will cover:

o   Beliefs about the teaching of reading

o   Essential components of a guided reading lesson

o   Planning and teaching a guided reading lesson

o   Suitable follow up tasks and management

o   Time to plan and make resources

o   The senior workshop will also cover instructional shared reading

Teachers will need to bring the following to the junior workshop:

·      Effective Literacy Practice Years 1 – 4

·      The Literacy Learning Progressions

Teachers will need to bring the following to the senior workshop:

·      Effective Literacy Practice Years 5 – 8

·      The Literacy Learning Progressions

·      A school journal of their choice

The cost for each workshop is $225 + GST per teacher.  A light morning tea and lunch will be provided. Click here and enrol online.

The location is St Columba, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby.  There is free parking at the back of the building.

Please contact Charlene on if you have any questions about the above workshops.