Writing - Māori Boys

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the staff of Whangaparaoa School, Auckland.  During the Teacher Only Day, we discussedsome of the following:

  • My students are not engaged and motivated to write
  • My students don’t have any interesting ideas to write about
  • It’s difficult to get my boys to write
  • How do I effectively engage my Māori and Pasifika writers?
  • Should I have writing groups?
  • I don’t have time to conference with students
  • How often should students be writing at school and at home?
  • It’s too hard to move away from genre

A theme throughout the day was "how do we as teachers engage and motivate our Māori boys?"  There was a lot of discussion around our own beliefs, and the teachers were able to try some of the practical strategies that can be easily implemented in their own classrooms.

He tino pai ki ahau te waiata aroha i te mutunga o te ra. Kia ora ano!