Beginning Teacher Literacy Programmes

Tools 4 Teachers have observed a growing need for Beginning teachers to be supported with setting up effective literacy programmes.

Therefore we will be offering a structured literacy support programme that will complement the support given by tutor teachers. Our plan is to offer our literacy programme to clusters of schools so that travel time is minimal and teachers from neighbouring schools can work together. The workshops will run for half a day once every three weeks i.e three workshops a term for two terms. We will also break the workshop attendees into two groups i.e. Year 1-3 teachers and Year 4-8 teachers so that particular aspects of literacy pertinent to those year levels can be addressed.

The programme for the two terms will follow this plan:

Session 1: Setting up your literacy programme.

  • Essential aspects of a literacy programme.
  • Organising a literacy programme.
  • Grouping students for literacy.
  • Key resources/documents.Session 2: Guided reading
  • Purpose of a guided reading lesson.
  • Essential components of a guided reading lesson.
  • Planning and teaching a guided reading lesson.Session 3: Teaching writing
  • Essential components of a writing lesson.
  • Organising a writing lesson.
  • The importance of modelling and different ways to model writing.

Session 4: Shared reading

  • Where shared reading fits in a successful literacy programme.
  • Suitable texts for shared reading
  • Planning for shared reading. 


    Session 5: Oral language

  • Investigating how developing oral language skills is an essential aspect of literacy teaching
  • Where oral language fits in a daily programme.
  • Expectations for oral language proficiency.Session 6: Supporting English Language Learners in literacy
  • Particular aspects of reading and writing that challenge English language learners (ELLs) and how to address these challenges.
  • Practical ways of scaffolding ELLs in literacy.Schools and teachers will be able to choose the workshops they wish to send their Beginning teachers to. You will not need to enrol for all six workshops. The cost for each workshop will be $50 + GST per teacher with a discount offered for schools who enrol for all six workshops. The cost for the entire programme of six workshops will be $275 + GST per teacher.

    We would also be interested in talking to schools that may be able to provide a venue for the workshops and would negotiate a lower rate for these schools. We would need a room that can accommodate up to 30 people maximum.

    If you think that this may be something that you would like to be part of for your Beginning teachers, teachers who are new to the New Zealand schooling system or those who been out of teaching for a while please register your interest by emailing us. This will not constitute an obligation but will ensure that we keep you informed as we progress the organisation.